Hello! Welcome to my website.

I am a Melbourne based 3D artist, specialising in character animation.

Working mainly in Maya and Photoshop, I try to breathe life into my characters. Characters flow and move to a rhythm. All life is rhythm, and each character possesses some of that very rhythm. It is this act of bringing out the rhythm within each character which animators strive for - the true personality of the character.

Before I immersed myself into the world of animation I was a freelance illustrator for many years, creating artwork for murals, tattoo design, portraits, children's books and everything in between.

I have completed a 14 month animation course at CGC Melbourne (which is now Quantum) and a 6 month internship at The Complete Post.

On this site you'll find my latest animation reel, as well as a few sketches of my work.

Thank you for visiting.

Justin Tan.